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Gitano1977 06-06-2017 06:34 PM

Master's Delight 1
Contact me if you'd like to read more. Love to hear critiques and what not of my work.

It was the end of a long hard week at work and the start of a much needed vacation, or rather staycation. I had planned a nice relaxing week cleaning, reading and basically resting my weary body. I debating hitting the bars, but instead took a long leisurely shower, poured myself a cocktail, and relaxed into my sofa in only my boxer briefs.

It felt so good to finally just decompress and leave the worries of work behind. I lazily watch television before finally picking up my phone. I had a few junk messages, some catalog sales and then there was the one I was hoping to see, the one from the sender I always took time out in my day to read and respond.

Hey man, are you finally getting to enjoy some time off? I hope so. Maybe we can meet up while you’re off and enjoy some quality face to face action instead of these naughty emails. We can just chill or I can just taste that beautiful body of yours till you shoot that pent up load down my throat. I bet you taste fantastic. Hope to hear from you soon.

I smile smugly to myself thinking about what I imagine are beautiful lips wrapped around my cock. My balls churn at the thought of my hands in his hair holding him down as he feasts upon my balls. I rub my crotch instinctually. I can only imagine how tight his hole is as I slam into him merciless. I realize how hard I am at the thought of it before I type back a response.

We’ve chatted for about six months now. We’ve teased each other enough with these silly emails. I want you. I want you between my legs, on all fours, on your back, taking your punishment like an obedient boy. Come over tomorrow night. Serve me, obey me, please me, and let me reward you. Plan to spend the night if you successfully meet my criteria.

I set my phone down and remember my old play room. It wasn’t much but it was mine. An assortment of floggers, restraints, and other play things that I like to use on my boys. I catalog in each of my mind as I imagine my boy to be experiencing them all, one after another. I know he cannot take them all in one session, but it would be nice. My fantasy is interrupted by the ding of my phone. I knew it would be him.

OMG, Sir, I want you too! I want to please you, be used by you! I’ve waited so long for you to command me to come over. I can be ready whenever you want me! I can even wear my half hood for you if you like.

A thought pops in my head at the thought of him in a half hood. It’s the only way I’ve seen him in the pictures he’s sent me. It’s how I picture him in my fantasies at night when I stroke out another mind blowing disappointing solo orgasm. I know how I want him, how I will have him now.

Come at three. You will come in wearing your half hood. The door will be unlocked. You will enter and finally see me in person. I will control you from that moment on. You will obey without question. You will give me a safe word and caution word then.

I sent along my address and leaned back into the sofa, fighting the urge to
blow a load at the thought of feeling the warm flesh pressed against mine. I knew I had to hold it in for him, let it age to perfection to feed my boy. I growled in frustration before getting up and heading to my long forgotten toy chest. I hadn’t opened it since I moved here. “My old friends.” I thought as I opened it.

I was ready when the time came. I could only use a select few of my plethora of toys, but they were the ones perfect for this encounter. I had all the curtains drawn, blocking out all the outside light. I turned my recliner, a decorative sin but my own private indulgence, to the door. I dressed in just jeans and a tight tank top that molded to my tight fit body.

I turned on the hall light to back light me in the chair, and when the hour came near, I unlocked the door and sat in the chair and waited. Ten minutes till, I heard him pull up. He was eager. I smiled. I watched the clock. At three exact he came in the door, black half hood on, jeans and t-shirt. “He obeys well.” I thought as he makes his way to me.

He’s the taunt young man I expect. Tall and slim, but not toned. Pouty red lips and piecing green eyes that are trying to get adjusted to the light. He stands there at attention, awaiting my commands as I take him all in, as I inspect him. *He’s nervous and excited. I see him fighting the urge to dive into my crotch and suckle my juices.

“Remove your shirt.” I finally say. He does so, neatly folding it and setting it on the ground beside him. I admire his lithe body with a light covering of black hair. I lick my lips as my eyes are drawn to those dime size nipples. I ache to release myself, but I hold fast. “Turn around and remove all but any underwear.” He’s puzzled at first then realizes what I want to see.

He does as he is told. His shoes and shocks join his shirt. Then he makes a show of taking off his pants. He slowly lowers them over his pert ass. It takes me a moment to realize he’s going commando.* There’s light fuzz on his ass that I want to rub my face over. Then there’s that perfect hole I’m going to destroy. His pants join the rest and he stands, still with his back to me.

I admire his form. I stifle the urge to ravish his body. “Safe word for slow down?”

He inhales deeply before saying, “Lemon.” His voice is hesitant but confident.
It takes a moment to register but the voice seems familiar. I push it out of my head. “Safe word for stop?”

He does not hesitate. “Rose, sir.”
“Turn around.” I almost growl. He does as he is told and I see his excitement jutting towards me. He’s at least seven cut with a tight sack. He obviously manscapes with a neatly trimmed bush just above his manhood. I can see myself dressing him up for my pleasure. “You will speak only when asked a direct question or have a question about an order. You will use your words appropriately. You will ask questions if you are unclear. Understood?”

He inhales deeply, puffing out that beautiful chest. “Yes, sir.” That voice, it lingers in my memory before I just push it aside. “Feel yourself up, show me how you like to be touched.” He pause for a moment before running his left hand slowly up his side to his nipple and slowly circles it. Meanwhile his right hand moves down, lightly scarping his skin till he cups his balls and massages them.

His left hand crosses his chest to the other nipple and his eyes close as he rolls his head back with pleasure. His right leaves his balls as he draws his hand up to his mouth and sucks on his middle finger. He moves it behind him. I can tell he is only circling his hole. His lower lips quivers. He sucks the middle finger of his other hand and moves it to join the other. He turns and bends over so I can see him stroking those lovely tight lips. Occasionally he brings his hand back to his mouth for more spit, then quickly brings it back as he spreads his cheeks and continues teasing himself.

I want to bury myself in that cleavage. Suck his brains out through his ass, dig my hands into those ripe fruit and bath in the juices. My seven inch thick cock is hard, wanting release, wanting to take over control. I push down the urge. “Enough.” He removes his hands and straightens, turning to look at me once more. “Come, stand between my legs.”

He does as he’s told. I reach out and rub the back of my hand over his thigh. I cup his balls, feeling their heft, their fullness. I tap them lightly. He grunts and his knees buckle a bit but he remains standing. I tap them again a little harder. “Awfully full.” I comment as I tap again a little harder. He strains to not fall. “Is this all for me?”

“Yes, sir.” He responds as I alternate hard and soft taps. I see his legs getting weak. I relent. He’ll learn to take this better in time. I gently fondle the lightly furred nuts, easing the earlier discomfort. I run my hand up his baby fat stomach. Not firm, not soft, just right. He shutters slightly at my gentle touch. I quickly smack him with the back of my hand creating a loud slap in the room.

“Take two steps back.” I command and he does so without a word. I stand, pulling a collar and leash from the side. “While we play, you will wear this.” I fasten the collar around his neck. “This is not a permanent collar, only one for our play here today.” I explain as I fasten the leash. “All fours, slut.” I snarl briskly. He does it so quickly it makes me smile. “Good boy.” I pat his head. “Come.”

He follows behind as I head down the hallway. I spent the morning preparing the room. Since the move here almost a year ago I had been meaning to but never really had a reason. My life wasn’t one. Spent at work, the gym and virtual presences. Now I have something somewhat real. It may not last after tonight, but it’ll be the tough of flesh I’ve been craving.

I lead him into the room. It’s stark, even for a dungeon. Four bare walls, a freshly oiled spanking bench, and a folding table with the tools I may need to fix this boy’s need. I step beside the specially made bench, black padded chest rest that adjust to the need. I raise it slightly, gauge it. “On the bench.” I command. He climbs up and positions himself.* Once he’s settled, I attach the restraints.

I circle him. I admire his form, his body. His ass is a lovely white that cries to me. “How many emails have we exchanged?” I run my finger down his spine to the cleft of his ass. “How many emails have you sent me, teasing me over the last three months?” I know he’s mentally trying to count. He’s over thinking the answer. I pick up the black leather riding crop. It is my favorite of the bunch, well work, almost fitted to my hand.

I tickle the tip against the fleshy mounds, teasing him lightly. “Come on, boy.” I rub the tip on the inside of his crack. “Answer me.” I’m outlining each mound with the crop. “I’m growing inpatient.” I stroll to the front to look him in the eye. He looks at me imploringly. He has an answer. I scowl. “I guess it’s time for you to leave.”

He bites his lip. “I…” He inhales deeply. “I don’t know, sir.”

I lift his head to look me in the eye. “I expect an answer when I ask a question. Don’t hesitate again.” I move behind him. “You will receive ten for being wrong and another ten for not answering. Count them out.”
“Yes, sir.” I rub the soft skin.* Then a quick swat on the left cheek. “One, sir.” He shudders. I admire the redness of his skin, then a second. “Two, sir.” I continue, alternating cheeks and force. He bottoms glows red with my handy work. We make it to eleven when he says, “Eleven, sir. Lemon.” I pause mid swing. I set the crop down.

His bottom glows with the lashes of my handy work. I admire the smart design I left on the skin, each lash like an artist stroke on the canvas. I gingerly lay my hand on his left cheek, feeling the heat. He jumps slightly but makes no noise. I stroke the tender skin with my soft hand, soothing my boy. “It’s okay.” I coo trying to bring ease to him. “You’re not as experienced as you let on, are you, boy?”

His head dips and answers with embarrassment in his tone. “No, sir.” I continue to stoke his cheeks. “I’m actually very inexperienced.” His voice is muffled, as if trying to hide his voice. “I’m sorry for misleading you, sir. I will leave. I won’t waste any more of your time.” He’s waiting for me to release him, but I’m enjoying the feel of his skin against mine.

“I am disappointed you lied to me.” I squeeze the sore cheek causing him a bit of pain. “I expect honesty out of my boys. I have to have trust that they will tell me when it is too much, what their limits are both hard and soft so I can plan accordingly.” I reluctantly release his bottom with a soft pat. “I would like to continue, but only if you are honest with me. Do you wish to continue boy?”

I move to kneel before him so I can look into his eyes. His eyes are hopeful and filled with fear at the same time. “Yes, sir. I would like that very much.” His eyes are brown ringed with green, I notice. So unusual. “I only gave the impression I was more experienced. My limits are the same. No marks, blood or scat. I am curious about water sports.”

I stroke his hooded head. “Good, then we shall continue.” I move back behind him. “There will be five more for your misinformation.” I see him tense his body. I gently tap his right cheek. “Count, boy.” He does, as I continue on to thirty with my soft pats to his rear. “I am not a cruel master.” I say as I finish. “This is for both of us to enjoy, not for you to endure.”
I release his legs and then his arms. Like a good boy, he stays, awaiting me to allow him to move. “To the floor, on your knees hands behind head, eyes forward.” He awkwardly moves to the position before me. I’m debating my next course of action. I circle him, allowing his mind to feel the true cage it is to be in when we are like this.

I focus on those slight perky nipples begging for attention. I give a sly grin as the thought comes to my mind. “Stand.” I order as go to the table. I grab a fistful of my next instrument and hide them behind my back as I return. His arms are growing tired behind his head. “Close your eyes.” He hesitates for a split second before doing so.

I lean in and bite the left nipple, sucking it, chewing it mildly, bringing the nub forth. His are tiny yet perfect for him. He gasps as I get it to full erection. I take a clothespin and trap that sensitive kernel. I repeat the process with his right. “Open your eyes.” His eyes flutter open. He wants to look down but he locks eyes with me. “Breath.” I command. “Slowly, in and out.” I demonstrate and he follows my lead.

I stroke his face. “Stay with me, boy.” I drop my hand, eyes still locked. I cup his heft full balls. I fight the urge to bounce them as I slowly move upwards and run my hands through his well-manicured shrubbery “Breath.” I remind him as his breath picks up. He never breaks eye contact with me though I am slowly running my hand over his stomach in small circles.

My other hand now slowly moves up and down his side. He’s unsure what to focus on. My touch, the clothespins, his breathing, my eyes or the aching hard on drooling onto my floor. “Good.” I say as I reach for one of the clothes pins. I gently remove it from the now sore patch on his chest. His breath quickens for a moment, but he regains control. The same happens when I remove the other. “Lower your arms, boy.”

I keep my eye contact with him. He struggles to keep still and maintain his breathing. “Stay.” I command before walking away to the table. I inspect the variety of gadgets and instruments I contemplate what to do next. Truths have changed the plans. I smile as an idea forms in my head. I grab some nylon rope and return to my boy’s gaze. “Do you trust me not to hurt you? Do you trust me?”

His gaze is soft, yearning. I know the answer. I can see he needs the direction I am giving him now. “Yes, sir.” I drop to my knees before him and circle his cock with the nylon rope. I loop his balls several time then make a web weave over his ridged cock. He’s sensitive to touch and his cock jumps as I touch it, it’s begging wordlessly to explode in pleasure.

I stand up and look at my handy work. I smile knowing I haven’t lost my skills. “Go to the table and fetch two dildos. One you know you can handle and one you would like to eventually.”

“Yes, sir.” He struggles to break eye contact but goes to the table and tries to make a decision. I climb atop the spanking bench to look down upon him. He returns with two and presents them. “This is one I can take, sir.” It is a flesh tone mold of my own complete with veins and bumps. “This one I’d like to take one day for your pleasure.” He holds a black thick one that is at least six inches thick and eight inches long.

“Set them on the ground and get the lube.” I order. I’m fighting the urge to just pull him into my crotch and drown him with my spunk as he chokes down my meat. He returns lube in hand. “You’re going to fuck yourself with the one you can handle in positions I order.” I explain. “I want to hear you moan, groan, be naturally vocal.” He tries not to smile. “Doggy style first.”
I can see him thinking for a moment before he’s down on his knees before me. His back is to me. He takes the lube and applies some to his hand before he reaches back with his left hand and begins toying with his own hole, one finger rubs against it then slowly enters then another and another till he’s riding his own hand for me.

He looks back at me with lust in his eyes. He takes the dildo, the one of me, and begins slicking it, all the while looking at me. He’s groping it, feeling every ridge, vein and bump. He brings it to his mouth where he gives it a quick kiss to the tip. He reaches back and slowly presses it against his entrance. I watch as he sits back on it, taking it into himself.

He slides it easily into him. His head rolls back and closes his eyes as a low moan escapes his lips. He bounces back and forth for my pleasure, taking it down to the hilt with each down ward thrust. He leans forward, arching his back, his right elbow bracing himself on the ground while his left pulled and pushed into him. His hips join the rhythm of the thrusts.

He’s moaning. It’s not the fake moaning one would hear on bad porn, but true, lust filled moaning that fills the room and stirs my loins further. I’m stroking myself through my jeans. He will pay for his teasing. “Change position.” I growl. “Your choice.” He gives one more thrust into him before he rolls over onto his back.

He has his legs spread, he resumes the pummeling of his own hole. “Fuck me.” He begs. He’s not saying this for the show, it’s for me. “Please.” Cum is pooling on his belly. “I need you in me, sir.” He’s almost crying from desire. “Please, sir. May I have it, please?”

A begging boy. Always a turn on for me. I decide to surprise him. “My cock is in you, in a way.” I smirk down at him. “That dildo is a mold of my very own.” He smiles and thrusts it harder into himself. He wants me in him so badly. I want him on my cock just as badly. I jump down from the bench. “Leave the toy, follow me.”

He’s on all fours, the toy laid gently beside the other. He’s crawling after me to my bedroom. I’ve prepared for a long session with him. “Strip me.” He’s on his feet. He’s looking me in the eyes again, drawing strength and control from me. I feel his fingertips at my sides as he lifts my shirt off of me. Just like his clothes, he folds it and places it on a nearby chair.

He returns and removes my socks and shoes, each of which join my shirt on the floor below the chair. He hesitates as he unbuttons my pants. His prize lies beneath. I give him a reassuring smile before his lowers the zipper and pulls down my pants. My hard cock smacks him in the face. I can see his mouth watering as he removes my pants and then folds them and puts them with the other.

He returns to his spot before me, on his knees looking up hopeful. He unconsciously licks his lips with the anticipation. I admit I want it was well as a pearl of excitement forms on my tip. I deny us both as I move atop the bed. I’m lying in the middle my legs spread and my arms behind my propped up head. I see the confusion in those familiar eyes. “Come, sit at my feet.”
His excitement is evident as he scurries onto the bed and props his self at my feet. He’s eagerly waiting for the next command. That desire to please and touch radiates strong I can smell it on him. I debate what to do as study his body, that’s so excited he’s almost trembling. My balls ache with the desire for release. I decide. “Straddle my stomach.”

He does so without question, but the puzzlement is in is face as he situates on top of my stomach, his still bound cock bobbing as he gets to the right position. I lower my arms to my side. “Put your hands on either side of my head.” He does so, if not clumsily, and now his face is mere inches from mine. “Relax.” Our eyes are locked.

Without warning I grab him by the back of the head and pull him down into me, my mouth covering his as I take what I want, what I need, what is mine. He relents into me, but remembers to keep his hands on either side of my head as I invade his mouth with my tongue and test the talents of his mouth. I roll him over onto his back with a sudden jerk of our bodies.
I’m devouring him with pent up ferocity. He’s moaning in my mouth and I cannot hold back anymore. I nip and bite at his neck, careful not to leave marks. That’s when I notice his arms are still sticking straight up in the air.

“Don’t be an idiot.” I growl as I take a swipe at his neck with my tongue. “Show me your passion, let your hands feel my body.”

He does so without a second thought. He’s clutching me, roaming my hands over my body. I’m grinding without mercy against his hole. I can feel him being driven further and further to sexual madness as I take his mouth again. His hands are in my hair, clutching form the fevered hormones jolt. I’ve allowed this bit of free time enough. If it continues I’ll leave his hole with curtains of my cum before I even get to try it.

I pull back and take his hands in mine and pin him back down to the bed. “Focus on me.” I command as we both pant, trying to regain control. He fights me a bit, fueled by a lust monster, but I keep him there till we both calm. “Good boy.” I give him a quick peck on the leather covered forehead. “Time for you to truly please your master.”

I release him and sit up. “Move over.” Once he’s moved I return to my position on the bed. “Face in crotch.” He’s there his eyes looking at me between my dick. He’s inhaling my scent, my musk. “I want my balls cleaned, and only my balls. Do a good job on them and you may get more.” I feel his warm mouth taking one orb then the other, his tongue gently scrubbing them with such care.

“Fuck yeah.” I moan in appreciation. This only encourages his efforts as he goes for the back side of them and allows them to rest on his tongue as he lavishes them like the previous jewels they are. He knows what they hold. He only seeks to churn them further, build up that load to coat him inside and out. I moan and groan and vocalize my approval with “Fuck yeah, boy. Work those nuts.”

After ten or so minutes, he has thoroughly adorned the object of his affection with his spit. I’m tempted to keep him going, but know his tongue and jaw must be getting tired by the decrease in enthusiasm. “Come work my left nipple boy.” He releases my balls from his juicy puffy lips and crawls atop me. His bound cock rubs against mine as he covers his body with mine. He rests his head on crease in my chest. I stroke his leather covered head. “Go ahead, boy.” I encourage.

He takes a tentative swipe of my quarter size nip. He then takes it into his mouth sucking and gently biting the nub, teasing it with zeal. Pleasure is this boy’s specialty. He’s giving it the same delicate care with a slight edge of roughness that I like. I order him to switch and he quickly does repeating the enthusiasm. I have him moving back and forth like a tennis match, left then right, back to the left and again to the right.

I’m enjoying the attention but growing annoyed with the passive master situation. I push him off me onto his back. “On all fours, your head at the foot of the bed.” He quickly positioned before me, that succulent ass awaiting me. I’m behind him, on my knees. His ass still bares the marks I left on him earlier. I long to redden it more, but know he is still new to his training.
I grip his cheeks firmly, kneading them like dough as I feel how plum and full they are. His hole twitches with the unknown. Before I can let him guess, I dive in with a flurry of strokes as outline his hole with my tongue. I hear and audible gasp from him as the onslaught continues without mercy. I am feasting on him with reckless abandonment and he is reaping the rewards of it all.

The urge in me grows and grows to split him apart from the inside out, but I hold back. His oral skills are ones that I have enjoyed everywhere but what matters to us both. After I have slated my hunger, I pull back sitting back on my heels. “Turn around.” He does so, coming face to face with his ultimate prize. “Kiss the tip.” He does so with adoration. He looks up at me with my glazed face.

“Work it, nice and slow.” He takes the tip of my seven inch cock into his mouth and slowly devotedly does as he is told, his tongue slithering against my cock. “Fuck yeah.” I guide his ass to the side so I can finger his sloppy wet hole while he takes me down like a snake swallowing it’s pray. He gags a bit as he takes me to the hilt but it does not deter him from trying over and over again.

With his mouth on my cock and my hand in his hole, the urge gets too much. I must have him. I will have him. I push him off my cock, a rope of spittle stretches from his mouth to my cock. “Doggy, facing the headboard.” I get off the bed to allow him to position himself. I admire his form, arched back, buttocks pushed out, the back muscled relaxed and ready. I sheath my saber in latex and shine it with lube.

He mewls with anticipation as my slicked up fingers continue to prepare him. I stroke myself as I feel the warmth of his entrance. I make sure he is good and ready, smearing him properly for me. I get on the bed behind him looking at those shiny inviting cheeks and hole. “Are you ready, boy?”
“Yes, sir.” He pleads. “Oh, God, yes, please, give it to me, sir.” I need no further word to begin as I slowly push forward into his man cave, feeling the plush warmth of his welcoming insides. There is no resistance as I plunge forth till my balls are snug against him. My hands grip his tight waist as I slowly jackhammer into him, rotating my hips slowly to very my strokes just enough to pleasure him and prolong my volcanic eruption.

This is what he wants, needed. My ears fill with the sounds of his moaning and groaning of pleasure and slaps skin against skin. Soon, the sounds of flesh against flesh overtakes even my own growls of pleasure as the infamous urge rears its ugly head. I’ve gone without for too long, I’ve allowed him to tease me too harshly. The churning has reached it crescendo.
Without withdrawing, I flip him on to his back and pin his legs back. I stare into his covered face as I piston into him. I lean down for a desired fuel kiss as the feeling begins to overtake me. I whip up, pull out and yank the latex coating off my dick in porn movie quickness and blast my pent up load over his shackled cock. Jet after jet propels from me in volumes that I have never known before.

I finally notice the fine sheen of sweat that covers us both before I collapse back on top of him. I wallow in our fluids as I kiss him again with orgasmic bliss. I regain some thought and sit up and release his protein encased cock from its prison before I lay down beside him. He is panting, unsure of what to do next without my instruction.

With my right arm I pull him to me for a kiss while my left goes to tease his worn out hole. “Blow that load for me boy. Show me how pent up I’ve made you.” With our tongues intertwined he reaches for his now free cock and furiously begins to stroke it. He’s been close, only held at bay by his restraints. His muffled cries of bliss fill my mouth as I feel the hot wet liquid bathe us once more.

I withdraw my fingers to pull him closer to me before we break the kiss. He indulges himself by laying his head on my chest. I stroke his nubile skin. My grin must be as big as his as we bask in the glory of our encounter. We lay there for some time, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies before I finally decide the sticky residue of it all must be washed away. “Are you ready to take your mask off yet, boy?”

“No, sir.” He sighs with disappointment. “I need it a while longer, if that’s okay, sir.”

We all have our crutches. “It’s okay. Go get cleaned up in that bathroom. “I kiss the top of his hooded head. “Afterwards you can watch me shower and towel me off.”

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