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haiducii 07-19-2018 12:23 PM

Blake Mitchell Talks About Being a Lonely Adult Film Star
Many people think being an adult film star means living a fast lifestyle, having lots of friends, and being in demand. But is that really true?

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According to Blake Mitchell, the answer appears to be not really.

Recently, the popular entertainer put out a video on YouTube entitled: “I’m Lonely”. In it, he reveals the realities of being a gay porn star and shares with fans that it is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Check out the video:

ihno 07-19-2018 02:12 PM

Hhhm, at first he talks about being lonely and then he goes eating a burger. ;)

r_alcazar 07-19-2018 06:34 PM

I guess been a porn star may make you be in demand (as a sexual partner, at least)
and live a fast life (as in lots of drugs, maybe?)
but I can't imagine who thinks there are any jobs that make you any (real) friends.

Does being a rock star or a doctor or a shoemaker mean having lots of friends?

atlpimpc 07-22-2018 12:06 AM

my he is an introvert

luvboitwinks 07-25-2018 01:57 PM

The reality is most of us will never know what it means to be a porn star so we have to understand the nature of the industry is so different than what any of us might be able to appreciate. I like his candor (not mention other things about him - lol). Those of us who work in a "regular job" don't get naked emotionally or physically very often but we do build work relationships or community relationships which tend to be guarded intimacy that we can turn off and turn on.

For example my work friends may know I like a certain sports team or maybe my political leanings, but they don't hear me say "man I watched some great twink porn last night". Maybe the porn industry folks are just the opposite.

absalom 07-25-2018 03:29 PM

The way I see it is that Blake Mitchell just loves doing gay porn more than having a relationship. It's a choice that comes at a certain price. But he's young and when he retires in a couple of years he can look for his dream partner.

newage 08-29-2018 10:42 PM

he is also supposed to be bi so I imagine it complicates things a bit. I can imagine he couldn't be nearly as popular doing str8 porn.

dwilliams104 09-25-2018 02:41 AM

True. Despite how charismatic he is, he would get as much attention being a male porn star in straight porn.

lhardwick69 09-25-2018 06:16 AM

I would date him marry him--him being a porn star is his job--just as long he didn't go out behind my back screwing others I can live with that--if he was here with me id cuddle him hold him make him feel special which is something we all deserve--

tubbs 09-26-2018 11:49 AM

Blake is a total drama Queen. Oh my big dick and porn is keeping me from having a relationship, no one takes me seriously. Boo hoo. My friend was at a party he attended and said Blake was not very nice at all. Unless you were a twink he wouldn't give you the time of day. Very rude. Now that was one guys experience but it says a lot.

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