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My name is Carl Horrocks and I have been studying as a medical student for eleven years and I have studied hard at that. I think that I will make a very good doctor one day. In the meantime, the various exams, study course, training courses and practical experience just seems to drag on.

Last week I was seconded to assist Dr Kevin Mayer at Beachgrove Medical Centre. He is a doctor of some esteem and I really expected to learn a lot from him. I wasn’t disappointed either.

For the first four days, I sat in on his clinics as a succession of patients came and went. Occasionally he would ask me my opinion in front of the patient, sometimes he would ask me my opinions once the patient had left. Sometimes he just ignored me completely as if I was not there.

It got to Friday and I felt that I had more than exceeded my expectations and the doctor was generally positive as to my knowledge, ability to listen to and sympathise/strike up a friendship with patients and actually more or less let me take the lead with a couple of patients.

At around 2.00pm he said to me, “ Carl, I have got a very important appointment which I must attend and I am going to have to leave you in charge here for an hour or so. If I could avoid it I would, but I have been summoned at short notice by the powers that be and a really can’t get out of it. Rather than cancel all my appointments for the afternoon, I would like to ask you if you would be prepared to see the patients for me please. I realise that this is a little unusual, but it is an extreme emergency and I have looked at the appointments this afternoon and they all look very straightforward indeed. If anything untoward appears, you can just send me a text message and I will call you straight back.”

“Thank you for having the confidence in me Doctor, are you sure that I am up to it?” I asked seeking some more praise.

“Of course son, you are going to make a very fine doctor and this will be an excellent experience for you. Maybe we should keep this between ourselves though for now, and perhaps introduce yourself to the patients as Doctor Horrocks to prevent any patient concerns.” He continued.

“Of course, Doctor Mayer, I understand,” I said.

“Right, well first of all is Mrs Gibson, she is 77 and is complaining of a stomach upset. Just carry out the usual tests and prescribe the usual if necessary. There is Alan Bradshaw, aged 46 who is apparently having trouble with a verruca on his foot – easy for you, John Simkins, 27 who is just coming to have his stitches in a head wound checked and finally, Jonathan Walker, aged 22 who suffered a leg injury playing football and is apparently experiencing some after effects. All easy Carl, see !” he stated as fact whilst flashing a big reassuring smile.

“Yes, Doctor, they all sound within my scope of knowledge I must say. Thank you again for trusting me,” I said sincerely.

Within five minutes he had finished his paperwork, collected another stack of papers, bundled them into his briefcase and disappeared.

“I will tell Mandy on reception that it is business as usual and that you are acting on my behalf and one hundred percent in charge for the rest of the day,” he said as he exited the door.

I was somewhat stunned but excited at being in charge unexpectedly.
Mrs Gibson came and went without any worries from myself or the patient, Alan Bradshaw also proved to be an easy case to handle, I had to re-bandage John Simkins head but everything was healing nicely and reassured him of this. I did however suggest that I carry out a quick physical check on him as a precaution. At 27 he was just two years younger than myself and I quiet fancied seeing a little more of his obviously trim solid physique.

“Could you just remove your shirt please, Mr Simkins”, I asked with as much authority as I could muster. He did as “doctor” ordered and now stood in front of me showing off two well muscled arms, one bearing a small tattoo, a ripped stomach and chest which contained just a few wispy hairs high up towards his neck and hairs around each of his perfect nipples.

I perhaps hesitated just a little too long as I pressed my stethoscope onto his chest before I said,
“Have you suffered any other symptoms since you suffered your head injury John?

“Yes Doctor, to be honest I have felt a little run-down and have been sick a few times. I had wondered about getting a sick note and staying off work to be honest,” he said.

That was all I needed.

“Well John, I would be happy to write you a sick note but shall we give you a little more thorough examination just to check that there is nothing more sinister that has been missed?” I suggested helpfully, not really needing to do this at all.

“Just pop off your pants John and we will do a few quick tests,” I said in as jovial voice as possible.

“Oh, okay doctor,” he said as he started to unbutton his pants, surprised at the request.

Before long I had this 27 year old man stood in front of me in just his socks and underpants.

His legs were equally as muscled as his stomach and they were particularly hairy from the knee downwards, not so much above the knee.

I asked John to lie on the couch and prodded and pulled him in various places. I felt up and down his legs checking the musculature as I did so. I could smell the “manly” odour coming from his feet through the socks.
“John, please just lift your bottom up,” I said as I began to yank down his underpants and removed them completely. I did so without speaking at all and I could sense his intense discomfort.

I now had John Simkins lying in front of me in just his socks and I was really enjoying the power and the knowledge that he would do more or less everything I asked.

I prodded around John’s lower stomach, just above his pubic hair before reaching out to lift up his penis and “examine” it. I rolled back the foreskin on his sizeable fat tool then rolled it back, I cupped his testicles and rolled them in my hands before declaring out loud,

“No problems there John. Could you stand up again please?”
He did so, of course and stood there in front of me like a little boy, undoubtedly embarrassed by his nudity. I had not noticed before how low his testicles hung. John was indeed a big boy. He noticed me looking at his genitals and instinctively cupped both hands in front of them.

“You will be glad to hear that there is no real cause for concern at all. I can’t find anything at all but you do have to be very careful with head injuries and I will certainly write you a sick note. How does six weeks sound as a starter?,” I asked.

“Thanks Doctor, that would be great,” he said. I bet it will, I thought knowing that I had been exceedingly generous! A six week sick note for a good grope of his penis seemed a fair payment to me.

“You can get dressed again now John. You did the right thing coming in to see us and you will feel better knowing that there are no major worries”, I reassured him.

“Thank you doctor,” said the naked man.

John was eager to put his clothes back on and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him do so.

I wrote out his sick note, with an ineligible signature, shook his hand and John was on his way out of surgery.

Before long, I buzzed for Jonathan Walker to enter and I beckoned him to come in after a knock at the door.

In came a young kid that looked more like 18 than 22 but he was very handsome indeed. He hobbled badly as he entered.

“Hello Jonathan, I’m Carl. I am filling in for Doctor Mayer. How may I help you today?” I said as I smiled at this gorgeous young lad.

“Everyone calls me Jon. I was playing football last Sunday and got cropped in a tackle. My leg was killing me and I had to come off. So my Mom took me up to the hospital and they x-rayed me and told me that nothing was broken but the pain just seems to be getting worse to me, could you have a look please?” he stated.

“Of course Jon. We have got a copy of the X-Ray on file so I will just have a look now. Can you please take off your socks, shoes and jeans for me ?” I said as I began to look at the X-Ray.

Jon stood up, took off his coat and hung it on the back of the chair before starting to un-do his belt.

He then sat down again, untied his shoe laces, pulled off his socks and slid down his pants before folding them up neatly and placing them on the floor.
He was now sat there wearing just a short sleeved t-shirt which advertised “Jack Daniels Whiskey” and a pair of tight fitting boxer shorts.
“Can you please stand up Jon?,” I asked.

Jon was possibly six foot tall, had a slight frame and maybe weighed only 140 lbs maximum.

His legs were amazingly hairy. He was covered in the stuff! Nevertheless he had a large bandage on his left leg just above, around and below his knee. The X-Ray clearly showed some bruising but no break at all, as the hospital had already advised him, but I again felt the need to exploit the situation.
“Hope on the couch Jon and we will take a closer look,”! I said, meaning a closer look at everything if I was honest. Patients are so trusting of their doctors, and I am not even a doctor yet!

I unravelled the bandage holding Jon’s leg up in the air with one hand as I did so. I loved the ruffle of his extensive hair against my hands. Once I had removed the bandage, I thoroughly examined his wound which was clean and healing nicely but even so I pushed, pulled, bent and stretched his leg around, frowned in puzzlement and finally said,

“Okay Jon, as it is not obvious what is causing your problem, lets give you a thorough check-up just to make sure that everything is okay. Can you stand up again please?”
Jon stood up with his face having an agonising look as he grimaced in pain.

“Can you pop your t-shirt off please Jon?” I asked with glee.

Jon lifted the t-short over his head and off to reveal even more hair. Such a young guy and such a hairy guy. Facially you could tell that he had had a close shave recently but sported little facial hair that gave suggestion of the mass of body hair he possessed. His chest hair covered his entire chest and stomach. A thick dark coloured hair that almost made his nipples invisible.
Now stood in just his tight fitting boxers, Jon was an athlete alright. A really excellent sportsman’s body and the hair made him look exquisite. A real man-boy. I just had to see his ass and penis.

I listened to Jon’s breathing pressing the stethoscope in many places that I didn’t really need to.

I lifted his arms up (checking the joints) exposing his mass of armpit hair. He was sweating profusely from his pits too, which for some reason made me enjoy this experience all the more.

I took his temperature and blood pressure, checked his eyes, glands, joints. He was at the peak of health although he obviously did not think so.
Just when Jon thought the examination was coming to a close, I said calmly,
“Please step out of your boxer shorts for me Jon, will you?” which clearly he had not been expecting.

Nevertheless, he trusted doctor and did as requested.

He pulled down on the waistband to reveal an ample sized uncut limp penis, maybe five inches long although nowhere near as thick as John Simkins member had been. His pubic hair had been trimmed severely but was still extensive. His testicles were covered in long black hairs.
His foreskin was wrinkled and overhung his penis by an inch or so. His testicles were also incredibly low hanging and much larger than the previous patient.

I gazed in awe momentarily at the handsome naked hairy young guy standing in front of me waiting for my next instructions.
Regaining my composure, I reached out to hold Jon’s penis “examining it” closely. Pulling it left, right, up in the air. I pulled back his foreskin only to realise that it was a tight foreskin which did not retract easily. He grimaced again but I continued trying to roll back his skin.

“You are suffering from phimosis here Jon,” I said sounding serious.
“What’s that Doctor,” he asked to this non-Doctor.

“It is a congenital narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be retracted easily when you try to pull it below the glans. A very tight foreskin in other words. Has it caused you much discomfort over recent years,” I asked.

Jon was missing the fact that all this had nothing to do with the football injury on his leg and answered, “Yes, I do struggle with a very tight foreskin when I get an erection Doctor. It is painful.”
“There are treatments which can help. Maybe you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Mayer to discuss this with him ? A circumcision is the very last option available.” I said as I still held onto his penis whilst looking him in the eye.
“It isn’t life threatening or anything Jon. Just uncomfortable for you, especially during sexual intercourse, I would imagine,” I was explaining as I suddenly felt a hardening of Jon’s penis.

It began to grow in my hand and I immediately let go, only to commence examining the 22 year old’s testicles. I cupped them, checked both testicles for abnormalities and told Jon,
“Your testicles are completely normal. No worries there at all,” by which time Jon’s penis was now sticking out directly in front of him as he reached full erection, which I estimated to be maybe ten inches at least. This young guy was huge.

I grasped the opportunity and the patient’s obvious discomfort to say,
“Don’t worry Jon. It is a hazard of a doctor’s working day to see the odd erect penis every now and then. It is quite opportunistic for me to see your erect member as I can see the full extent of your phimosis now. The gap is indeed very narrow, isn’t it. Is this as far back as you ever get it to retract?”
“Yes Doctor,” Jon said, as a globule of pre-cum formed on the end of his cock.

I tried in vain to pull Jon’s foreskin further back over his glans, but it would not go remotely close to retracting.

“Okay Jon, let’s leave things there. I definitely recommend that you schedule an appointment with Doctor Mayer regarding your phimosis – and sooner rather than later. As regards everything else, your leg injury is healing nicely and there seem to be no other health issues, you are an incredibly healthy young man,” I said as I glanced down once more at his impressive erection.

“Can you please just turn around for me please?,” I asked, realising that I had not got a good look at Jon’s ass so far. I prodded and pushed on his back and along the back of his legs, all the time staring at his rock solid looking hairy ass. A fantastic bubble butt hairy ass.

I declared all to be in order, asked Jon to lie back down (naked) on the couch and re-dressed his leg.

I realised that Jon had been naked in front of me now for around twenty minutes and decided that it was unfortunately time to let him get dressed again.

“All re-bandaged now Jon. I am sure that your leg will start to improve a little gradually. It will take a little time to recover fully as you have suffered heavy bruising but there is nothing to worry about. Make that appointment with Doctor Mayer though and get your phimosis sorted out, OK ? Get dressed now Jon.” I ended.

“Yes doctor, thank you,” he said as he pulled his limp again penis quickly into his boxers and regained his dignity.

I relayed (most of) the details regarding the patients visits onto Doctor Mayer once he returned, only mentioning Jon’s phimosis briefly in passing and not stressing the mass nudity that had been evident for the last two, younger male patients.

I have another year or two to go before I become a fully fledged doctor, but I cannot wait to finally become one. After all, it presents so many opportunities!!!

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