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Smile My Best Friend, and the Great Outdoors

It was a beautiful day outside, and here I was stuck in college. I looked out the windows as the instructor attempted to teach. I wished that I was outside.

"Hey... Ray" I turned around. It was my best friend Jason (everyone calls him Jay).

"What?" I asked

"Let's get out of here you sneak out!"

"Are you crazy... we'd get in trouble"

"So. I'd rather get in trouble and go outside then stay in here"

I thought about it, "Fine... Let’s go"

We both got up and sneaked towards the door. The instructor noticed our pitiful escape.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To the Deans' office" Jay replied

"Well. Hurry soon"

When we got out of the building we laughed at her stupidity. And also realized there was nothing to do. I suggested that we hike to the river that was about a quarter mile from our school. He quickly agreed and we were off. We started down a trail and I managed to trip.

"You've got to be careful" he said grinning while helping me up.

We continued until we got down to the river (I didn't fall again). When we got there I decided to go skinny dipping. We were both guys and neither one of us is gay, and I just wanted to swim. Jay hesitated. I know I had nothing to hide, and from his looks he shouldn't have been hesitant. I, myself, am about 6' tall with brown eyes short hair, I have a toned body and my cock is a good 7-8" cut. I wanted to see what he was packing.

He agreed to go skinning dipping and began to undress. When we were in our full glory, I stole a glimpse at him. He was amazing. He was about 6' 2", green eyes, short brown hair, and had an amazing body with an outstanding six-pack, and he had nothing to be afraid of with a good 8-9" dick. Just that one glimpse was enough to get my cock to harden. I jumped in the river to hide my hardening shaft and he jumped in after. I never considered myself gay so it was weird for me to be attracted to my friend since 12th grade.

We were in the river for a good 15 minutes racing up and down the river. Of course he won every single time since he was on the swim team. We both got out, and I went to pick up my clothes, so we can get going. While I was bent over Jay tackled me to the ground. He took me by surprise. We always used to wrestle, but when we had clothes on, but now it was full man on man contact.

"You bitch!" I yelled jokingly. We began to wrestle I managed to pin him on the ground. When he gave up, I sat down on his stomach.

"Yeah! How's your daddy now?" I laughed.

I didn’t notice that I was sitting on his crotch until he began to get hard. And his prick started to press against my ass. He pushed me off of him.

"I think we should go" he said embarrassed

"Wait... Why?"

"Cuz... it's getting late"

"No. You’re just embarrassed you got a boner"

He face became red "Um..."

"Come on. It's natural..." I thought to myself "D-Do you like guys? Because it's totally fine with me if you do cuz..."

"I... uh... I'm very open minded right now" he interrupted

"And so am I... why don't we just fool around for a bit?" I knew if he said no, I could lose my friend forever.

"Your my best friend, and I have a girlfriend... it wouldn’t feel right"

"Your girlfriend doesn't need to know..." With that I went on my knees grabbed his cock and took it into my waiting mouth.

He was speechless and just stared at me. And I stared back into his green eyes, as I continued to suck on his fully erect cock. This was the first time I sucked another man's dick and I was glad it was my best friend's. I worked my way from the head all the way down until my nose was in his pubes. His moans showed that I was doing really good. I sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. He would take his cock from my mouth and slap against my face. He announced that he was about to cum, so I pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He opened his eyes "Why'd you stop...What happened?"

"Do you have a condom?"

He grinned "Yeah. I think so"

He got one from his jeans and I put it on his dick. I went against a tree and stuck my ass out. I wanted all that I can get from him today. He came up behind me and pressed the head of his penis against my hole.

"Go slow... okay" I told him.

When the head of his cock went through I felt pain, I moaned, and he continued to push on. After he was about halfway in I began to feel a more pleasurable sensation. Without warning he pushed all the way until his balls slapped my ass, it hurt so good. He leaned forward and kissed me.

"I've always wanted to do this since forever" he whispered in my ear.

He continued to kiss me as he began to recede his tool from my ass and slam it back in again. He started out slow and began to pick up the pace, until he began pounding my ass. I tried to keep quiet, but it felt so good. All you could hear was our moans, and his balls slapping my ass every time he pounded me. After about ten minutes of pure fucking, I began to release my load on the grass. He was also close to his climax, so he pulled out of me and started jacking off his cock. I went back on my knees to help him out. His balls began to tighten and he started to moan louder, so I sucked harder until I got what I wanted. He released his load in my mouth, I tried to swallow all of it but it was too much. Cum spilled out of my mouth and was all over my face. He brought me up to him and kissed me once more, while he gripped my ass. This kiss was the most passionate kiss I ever had.

"Maybe you could fuck me next time" he said.

"Definitely" we both grinned

As we both got dressed, we heard a noise a couple a feet away. Jay and I decided to run back to the campus, before we got caught.

The next day I was called down to Deans' office. I sat down uneasily because he was grinning.

"So I was hiking in the woods yesterday and guess what I saw..." He smirked.

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