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Default Master's Delight 3

Love to hear from readers, critiques etc.

He’s wrapped in my arms as he dozes off, his supple naked from pressed against mine. I’ve exhausted him in out sexual marathon. I fight the urge to slide in and gently fuck him in his sleep, leaving him yet another wet present inside him. I gently move from under him and cover his sleeping form with a blanket. I smirk knowing the truth behind his mask.

I go to my room to take a quick whore bath and then pull on an oversized shirt and lay one out for my sleeping beauty. He needs sustenance for the night I have planned for him. I need to take care of my boy, and with that I go to the kitchen and begin the preparation for a light feast of fuel for my night of pleasure.

I hear him stir as I clean the last of the cooking pots. “Sir, I would have done that for you.” He says sleepily, standing in the doorway in all his magnificent glory. I turn and admire his form and stance, rigid, ready, awaiting a command. Before I can do something that might prolong my next indulgence. The hood is still on but those eyes tell so much.

“Go freshen up and put on the tee I put out for you.” I respond, my eyes lingering with lust. “I’ll have plans for you in a bit.” He saunters off, those beautiful marks finally faded away. He returns, the shirt hanging just to mid-thigh. He looks a bit more refreshed. “There’s my boy.” I smile walking over and giving him a tender kiss. “Let’s eat.”

I take his hand and guide him to the table where two steaks already cut up sitting along steaming vegetables on plates side by side. He stands, unsure of what to do next. “Sit.” He moves to sit in the chair to my left but I stop him. “No, my lap.” I pat my lap for emphasis. He smiles shyly as he sits across my lap awkwardly like a child. “My boy takes care of me, and I take care of my boy.” I spear a piece of meat and feed it to him.

His face lightens up with each tender bite. I dab at his puffy raw lips with a napkin. He’s not expecting or used to this type of treatment. He’s unsure of how to act except for grateful. As we finish the last of our meal together, I slip him out from under him and place him on the chair. I begin clearing the table, and he responds in dismay. “Sir, let me do that for you.”

“I don’t want a slave.” I answer nonchalantly. “I want someone to take care of and take care of me.” This mulls in his mind as I load the dishwasher. He still has no clue I have discovered his secret. I take his puzzled hand in mine and lead him back to the living room. “I like to spoil my boys.” I stroke his face. “Are you ready to take the hood off, yet?”

His eyes flicker for a moment then come to a realization. “You know, don’t you?” I nod my affirmation. His hands tremble as he reaches up, I cover my hands with his, and lower them down. I do it for him. I slowly slide the leather from his head, finally revealing those exotic features I’ve lusted after since I’ve arrived. His dirty blond sandy short hair has formed to its penitentiary.

I set it aside and look into those hopeful, fearful eyes. I don’t give him a chance to react and take a fistful of his hair and pull him into passionate kiss. My hands roam up his shirt, skirting across his torso. I break the kiss momentarily. “Would it surprise you that I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have you naked at my feet, serving, that I’ve lusted after you from the moment I saw you in the office.”

“I’ve wanted you since I was first saw you.” He admits. “I just didn’t know how to…”

I kiss him silent. Words unspoken flow between us, his hands, no longer trembling wrap around me. The fiery phoenix of passion reignites in us and takes flight. I cup his buttocks firmly, almost lifting him in the air as I draw him closer into me. It’s intoxicating knowing who I have here to do my every whim, to pamper and spoil.

My mind is a cyclone of emotion that this of all people has chosen to, chased me to be his boy. This one who could have anything, anyone he wants and he chose not to have but be had. The power he willingly gives me is intoxicating, but as all know with great power comes great responsibility. “Now, Mr. Gordon, you’ve given me my raise, now it’s time for my personal review.”

“Yes, Mr. James. My pleasure sir.” I watch as the heir to my company lowers himself to his knees and lavishly begins his inspecting my balls with his tongue, his mouth holding each orb with delicate care. His warm mouth is a luxurious spa complete with massage.

He works his way to my cock, flicking his tongue up and down the underside. “Time to get down to business, Mr. Gordon.” He gives a wicked grin then takes me full on down his gullet. He’s learned in a short time the skills I need. My hands reach down and muss his hair as the thrusts down upon me over and over again.

I fantasize about him under my desk, slurping my cock as I work. Late nights with his ass in the air taking my cock on his desk. Private lunch meetings where all I eat is him. The multitude of sexual fantasies explodes in my mind as I now realize that they now can come true. “Off my cock, boy.” I pull him back by his hair with a growl. “To the bedroom, all fours, and await me.”

I ponder punishment or pleasure. I grind my teeth with contemplation before finally settling on both. I grab a wooden spoon from the kitchen and then bypass the bedroom for yet another item from the playroom. I return where my boy is waiting patiently for me on all fours, his pert bottom ready for me. I place the candle on the night stand and light it. Then return to the object of my sexual frustrations and liberation.

“We’ll need to come to some ground rules for work.” I say circling him. “I would hate to have you in a compromised position and your mother walk in on us.” I’m behind him. I can’t resist and bring the spoon down on his right cheek. It illicit a grunt and “Yes, sir.” From him. I swat the other cheek. “But you will be my dirty little boy at work when I need you to be.” I swat the left cheek again. “Yes, sir.” He answers.

I know the spoon is hard yet soft at the same time with my swats. I want him to get use to these punishments, make them a part of who he is. It’s what he wants. Another to the right. “I’ll have you dress a certain way under those tailored suits.” Two swats to the left. “Yes, sir.” I slide the spoon up and down his cleavage. “And you’ll take pride in your work and yourself at work and in my bed.” Three swats on each cheek. “Yes, sir.”

“On the bed, spread eagle, face up.” I watch those beautiful marks cheeks scramble to my bed. He looks like the perfect man with his arms and legs outstretched and his head resting on my pillow. “I could get use to this.” I muse in my head as I pull the roped leather restraints from the edges of the bed. I fasten his legs and then his arms with ease.

I run the spoon up and down his torso before laying several light taps to his stomach. “I’ll lose weight.” he says instantly. I use the spoon to raise his head to look into my eyes. “I don’t want you to lose weight, just be healthier. Your body is perfect the way it is.” I drop the spoon and straddle his waist. “I just want you to have the energy to keep up with me and be around a long, long time.”

I take the candle and I can see in his eyes he knows what is coming. The flame illuminates my face. “Do you trust me not to hurt you, Mr. Gordon?”
He knows I am testing him. He stares me in the eyes. “Your boy and Mr. Gordon does.”

I smile at his answer. “Good boy.” I tip the candle allowing a few of the warm drips on his chest. He arches up against me as heat burns then cools on his skin. “Remember your safe words.” I begin to drip some more in a crisscross pattern. With each drip I give him a moment of rest then begin again as I leave my mark upon him. Once I am satisfied with my artistic masterpiece, I set the candle aside and admire my masterpiece.

“You did good, boy.” I smile before leaning in for a quick kiss. He’s panting with the pleasurable pain flowing through him. I grab the lube and squirt a generous amount into my hand. I reach behind me and slick him up, before turning the attention to my own prep. “Good boys deserve rewards.” I lift up and slowly press myself against his steel hard rod.

He gasps as I slowly lower myself unto him. My virginal door opens slowly to him, to allow him to be a part of me as I was of him. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this fullness that I relish in the feeling. I squeeze and relax, allowing me to adjust to the girth of him. He feels so perfect in me as I slowly rise and fall upon him.

I grip my own cock as I ride his, synchronizing my strokes with my hands with that of my ass. I’m lost in my own world as I milk him for my pleasure. I can hear him moaning, “oh, fuck, oh god, I’m yours, master.” His words send me into a euphoric haze as each thrust brings me closer and closer to my own fulfillment.

“I’m going to cum, sir.” He pants. His warning only encourages me and I quicken my pace on him. “I’m…. I’m… cumming!” He bellows at the top of his lungs as he nearly bucking me off him as he thrusts himself up into me.
I can feel him filling my belly from the bottom and the long forgotten sensation envelopes me. Two more strokes and then I clamp down on him as I splatter his chest like a Jackson Pollock painting. I revel in the feeling looking down at his angelic face. I reluctantly allow him to leave me as I dismount and release his bonds.

I curl up next to him, dipping my finger in the pools of my joy and spread it across his wax covered chest. “I haven’t done that in a long while.” I admit. “I can see us doing it again.” I look up and kiss him. His eyes are half lidded as the play has worn him out. There is one last thing I must do, and I reach up and remove his collar. “We don’t need this trinket.” I toss it aside and pull a velvet bag from the night stand. “Where this instead, something more subtle.”

He pulls out the black corded necklace with a tiny silver lock on it. “It was once mine before, when I was learning who I was. I want you to wear it.” I straddle him and affix it around his neck. “The key is on the necklace that I will wear.” I pulled a second bag from the night stand and empty the contents into his hand. I lean down so he can place the simple ornament around my neck.

“Let’s get cleaned up.” He smiles with contentment. “I want to soap that body.”

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