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Default Explanation of Forum Penalties

Forum Penalties

[Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register]help promote high quality posts, fairness in our community and forum safety.

Here at GayHeaven, we ask that all members follow these global posting guidelines that are applicable to all sections along with additional specific section rules located in stickie threads within the individual sub-forums.

Members violating any of these rules likely will be contacted by a moderator.

Moderators use Private Messages, Warnings, Infractions, Temporary Bans (Suspensions) and Permanent Bans to address rule violations:

Private Message is available to all forum members. You should pay close attention to any message sent by a moderator. Most private messages inform members of rule violations, quote forum rules and request more careful posting. Private messages often are sent to first offenders, new members and to senior members for posting errors.

Warning is an official message for a rule violation in a specific post. Warnings are more serious than standard private messages and often request members edit posts to correct rule violations and to warn members that continuing to post in a manner against forum rules will result in more serious consequences.

Infraction is an official message for more serious rule violations or repeated rule violations after one or more private message and/or warning was sent. Infractions award up to 3 points per violation to members' accounts, these points expiring at the discretion of the moderator. A Suspension of posting ability will result if the member has 3 infraction points at any one time, and this will most likely occur when members ignore prior warnings/infractions, starting multiple accounts, general disregard for forum rules, spamming and/or posting content featuring underage models, bestiality and/or violence and posting content from the [Only Registered Users Can See LinksClick Here To Register].

Automatic Ban will result when members have accumulated more than 10 infraction points. For serious or repeated rule violations, a moderator may assign 10 infraction points for a single violation and the member will be permanently banned.

Banned members will have ALL of their threads removed so the forum will no longer be an income source for them

Never create or use another account while on suspension. Creating second accounts while on suspension will result in your new account and the suspended account being permanently banned.

With our help, many thousand members understand and obey forum rules. Unfortunately, many members have been banned for repeated rule violations. Please don't be one of them.

Banned members have no one to blame except themselves!

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