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!! Please Read Before Making A Request !!

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Nov 1, 2009
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  • You may place a request only if you have 25+ posts.
  • Reload requests in threads are excluded from this rule.

  • Never request anything underage - below eighteen 18.
  • Make sure you make a search before requesting a video or a clip.
  • Please do not request any videos or clips from The Banned List.

  • All links to external websites, including tube sites, must be anonymized using http://anon.projectarchive.net/.

  • Any images posted must be hosted on an acceptable pichost. Any posts containing images which are hotlinked or loaded to a banned pichost will be removed .

  • Once you have made your request please be patient ; do not keep asking & pushing your request up the list.
  • Never post an unblured studio or pay-site name in title or text
Only one request at a time!
Do not post download links in the Request areas. Request fillers need to post the links in the appropriate forums and link to them in a reply to the request.
PMing to fill a request is not allowed. We feel we are giving you a place to request and as such,
all members should benefit from a filled request.
Unfilled requests remain active for 30 days. If an unfilled request has been deleted, a member may make a new request if they are still interested in the item.

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