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New Challenger Approaching!


New member
Oct 18, 2023
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Hello everyone! Came cross this site & decided to join the community :)

My name is Everro. I am 23 years old. I live in ATX.

some things about me & what i’m into:

TV series/Movie binging. I love getting into new/old series/movies. Currently on season 6 of The Scandal & season 5 of the X-files. Especially big on Sci-fi/Horror genres.

Anime. Kinda fell off the last year but I love me a good anime. Some favs are Future Diary, Akuma No Riddle, Danganronpa & Iwatobi Swim Club

• I’m big on bottoming. More submissive & breedable, & i can be bratty, but I love being put in my place & dominated. I’m also a big lover of butts <3

• Astrology & Divination. I would consider myself a student of Astrology. I’ve been practicing & studying Astrology for about 5 years now. I mostly practice through Traditional, Hellenistic methods of Astro, using whole sign house system. It’s an amazing timekeeping & divination device I use to plan events, projects or even plan hookups. If you have any questions about astro related stuff, feel free to PM me.

Hopefully I can make some new friends & meet some cool new people here, & enjoy myself overall